Sell a Business

April 26th, 2011

Selling a privately held business is a complex process. Unlike shares of a publicly held company that can be readily liquidated in a day or two by selling them on the stock market, there is no ‘ready made market’ or exchange for selling a privately held business.Establishing a proper price, marketing the business for sale, negotiating leases, and financing are just a few areas of expertise we offer. Additionally, most accounting is done to minimize tax obligations that may not portray the company in the best light. Rogerson Business Services deals with challenges like these every day.

One of the secrets to selling a business is to have the owner of the business continue its operation at its optimum level so it continues to generate the same or better profit as it has been. We can then focus our energy on attracting the right buyer so they can work through the transaction and get their finances, legal, accounting, and related issues in place while not displacing employees, customers, suppliers, a landlord, and other parties in the transaction.

Many brokers try to “sell” the business but from my experience and training, today’s method of exiting business ownership requires a consultative approach. This approach has been refined from not only working in the business brokering community but also from selling and buying my own businesses which I have done on no less than five occasions. Read More….

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  1. Why do business for sale not list a company name?

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