My Bizilla

Keeping track of the right information can lead to the right connection. With My Bizilla, you can manage your listings, view your saved searches and listings, and communicate with other buyers and sellers. My Bizilla helps keep things simple no matter what type of account you have.

Manage your listings.
  • If you’re a seller or broker, you can manage your listings and keep them up-to-date as businesses get sold and new ones become available.
  • You can also access performance statistics and showcase your listings for maximum exposure.

Access saved searches and listings.
  • You can easily access your saved searches and listings from My Bizilla.

Manage your account.
  • My Bizilla is also the place where you can manage your account and update your profile information.

Communicate in a secure environment.
  • My Bizilla gives you a secure venue to send and receive messages from other Bizilla sellers, buyers, brokers and professionals.